The Connected Enterprise.
Make Sense of a Complex World.

Rigorous, strategic system design

Bring your systems together into a single, coherent working model, for optimal management and future planning. MooD from CACI is remarkably flexible and agile. It provides a living operating model, a common language and a single reference so people across your enterprise can work together to plan, model, test and operate critical and complex systems. MooD can be a digital twin, showing the current reality and modelling future scenarios for optimal operations.

Value for business leaders and IT specialists

MooD creates clarity and shared understanding among stakeholders, so everyone is working towards the same strategic and operational goals. It shows business leaders how system design and investment will impact on delivery and it allows technology experts to design, test and demonstrate complex architecture and systems that work coherently, securely and robustly. MooD is advanced technology that breaks traditional cost and time barriers with trailblazing clarity and collaboration in systems architecture.

Trusted by sector-leading organisations

  • The first digitisation of the Royal Navy’s engineering support system.
  • Communications battlespace architecture for the RAF.
  • Standard-setting and GDPR governance for PageGroup.
  • The core IT & Business architecture system for Jaguar LandRover.
  • The Mission Essential Task Information System for New Zealand’s Defence Force.

All were configured on the powerful and adaptable MooD platform.