Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

What is MooD?

MooD is an effective, interoperable modelling and collaboration platform, allowing Enterprises to better understand the environments within which they operate, and the interactions within their own eco-system.

Through flexible and scalable metamodeling, MooD’s Business Architect tool allows organisations to model the “as-is” and the “to-be” in the context of their own domain; for example their assets, systems, people, processes and any other pertinent entity can be modelled, along with how they relate, in a way that makes sense to the organisation.

Using powerful analytics, MooD can then be employed to inform and support decision making and business change. By enabling Business Stakeholders easy access to the bigger picture with all its moving parts, MooD underpins more effective business analysis; for example, assessing for operational effectiveness, asset optimisation, the surfacing of risks and opportunities, or the identification of inefficient and redundant processes.

Whether the focus is on the Enterprise as a whole, specific transformation projects or the environmental view of a single department, MooD’s Active Enterprise allows context driven views to be shared with Business Stakeholders in a meaningful way, and provides a flexible medium for Stakeholder collaboration.



What is MooD Business Architect?

MooD Business Architect is a Microsoft Windows desktop application, used to create and maintain the organisation’s meta-models, manage data integration, and, through drag and drop (no code), design and administrate content for visualisation in MooD Active Enterprise.



What is MooD active enterprise?

MooD Active Enterprise is the server-side component, used to deploy the content views and applications built in MooD Business Architect as a Web site. Active Enterprise also provides a mechanism for collaboration; with role-based access, Business Stakeholders can interact with the organisation’s data and processes, and feedback on them. Within Active Enterprise, the Business Integration Engine enables the import and export of data to be run on schedules configured within Business Architect, or when triggered by an Active Enterprise user.





what is MooD as a Service (MooD SaaS)

MooD SaaS is a fully hosted, already configured and supported service which is ready to consume. The service is available to access MooD Business Architect (MBA) modelling application from a wide range of devices at *UK OFFICIAL security classification. The service is not restricted to any particular network, therefore enables collaboration with all industry/defence partners very quickly and efficiently as required.

The software is hosted within a Microsoft Azure UK based platform which provides a number of key features:

After content has been created within the MBA modelling application, the user is then able to share the content, dependent on a configurable permissions model, to anyone who has access to the internet via MooD Active Enterprise (MAE).

*Internal Accreditation and Accreditor sign off will likely need to be sought to use at UK OFFICIAL.



A Standard MooD Licence grants one named licencee, typically an end-user, permission to use a single copy of the software for a stated period such that the use does not infringe the Copyright of the owner. Also known as a node locked licence.


What is a Concurrent Licence?

A concurrent software licence is a type of licence that is based on the maximum number of users who will use it simultaneously. For example, if a company purchases 5 concurrent licences, that means that up to 5 of their employees can use the software at any given time. In this example, if a 6th user attempts to access the software they will be blocked until one of the 5 concurrent users logs out.


What is a Floating Licence?

Floating licencing, is a software licencing approach in which a limited number of licences for a software application are shared among a larger number of users over time. When an authorised user wishes to run the application, they request a licence from a central licence server. If a licence is available, the licence server allows the application to run. When they finish using the application, or when the allowed licence period expires, the licence is reclaimed by the licence server and made available to other authorised users.


What services do we offer?

Trained MooD practitioners are available to help you configure MooD Software on your networks, assist in building solutions and modelling and to provide training – either generic or tailored.


What do you get with Support?

The MooD Software Support Service offers the following features: