Introduction Level 1


This fully interactive 2-day course will give delegates the ability to navigate the user interface and create and analyse simple models using relevant parts of the software.

At the end of the course you will be able to import basic data, query that data, build a model and display the outputs customised to your needs.


This is an introductory course suitable for people who need to understand the capability of the software. There are no pre-requisites.


Delegates will learn the basic controls and terminology used within the software

  • Introduce the key terminology used within the software
  • Introduce controls and mechanisms to construct a simple model
  • Introduce the import of data from an external source
  • Introduce how to query the model, and provide basic visualisations of the queried data
  • Introduce the basics of MooD active enterprise controls

All delegates will receive a free 3-month MooD training license on completion of the course.