Level 2


Level 2 training is a direct continuation from the Level 1 course and aims to reinforce and enhance the basic MooD knowledge and understanding.

The 3 day course introduces more advanced aspects of the MooD toolset, providing the ability to construct and interrogate larger and more elaborate models using a wider range of MooD product features.

Learning is underpinned by a case study in the same format as Level 1.

Target Audience

Existing MooD users or those who can demonstrate equivalent knowledge or experience.


This course is for users who want to reinforce their basic knowledge and understanding as a direct continuation from the introduction course.

Pre-Course Work

There is no pre-course work.


This higher-level course is suitable for people who need to exploit the advanced capability of the software.

Delegates will learn how to:


Over v3 days training delegates will learn to use an increased range of the functionality within MooD to drive a dynamic, web enabled model in support of a business decision.

  1. Use Persona and User Journeys to design a simple MooD solution
  2. Understand the options around data gathering in the solution
  3. Develop a Solution Administration Portal
  4. Design a suite of decision support views
  5. Deliver data to visualisations using the MooD aggregation engine
  6. Create a Microsoft Word-based reporting mechanism using Model Driven Documents


All prices are stated excluding VAT
Training online or at CACI premises
Max number of attendees = 10