A 3-day course that covers the key concepts of MooD in the MoDAF framework and brings delegates up to a basic modelling standard.


MooD is a COTS product that has been chosen by a range of enterprises to support Systems Engineering and Enterprise Architecture activities.




Delegates will use the MooD tool to apply MoDAF to understand a complex problem, then devise and analyse a solution.

  • Practise the creation of compliant SE Models that follow an SE process
  • Follow an SE Process in a case study
  • Gain and understanding of the problem space using a case study and create rich picture of the problem
  • Create an OV-2 type view and the relationships between the key operational nodes in the design
  • Analyse the partition of the design at an early stage
  • Create an Operational Activity view and examine how this is used to describe the operational activities that take place, and the flows between them
  • Model the Solution Space starting with the SV-1 view


MooD with MoDAF course

All prices are stated excluding VAT
Training online or at CACI premises
Max number of attendees = 10